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Mini Beach House

in Rantum
on the island of Sylt


House Herrmann 1953


A little bit of history to start with: 

My grandparents built the main house, at that time "House Herrmann", as one of the first thatched roof houses in Rantum in the 30ies with the idea to spend their vaccations here. At that time, there was no electrical power, but candle light and kerosene lamps, stove heating instead of central gas heating and aircondition, well water instead of public water supply. Over the years supply of electrical power, water and sanitary installations followed.
In 1953 my grandfather built a little extension to this house in order to enable familiy members to spend their holiday here as well and to offer it to tourists. All familiy members helped to improve the standard over the decades. 45 years later, in 1998, we have completely rebuilt and renovated this little thatched roof house, put all waterpipes and electric wiring under the plaster. We have luxuriously styled living- and bedroom and installed a kitchenette with all modern kitchen euipment including dishwasher and microwave. Even an aircondition has been connected, which is supposed to help keep a cool head during the hot season.
We have restored the timber frame construction of ceiling and roof. The bathroom

has been perfected with top quality fittings and sanitary ceramics. The marble for floor and walls we have chosen for you at site in Carrara and forwarded to Rantum.

It was particularly difficult to fing the adequate illumination for this little house, which on the one hand was supposed have a plain and clear design and on the otherhand provide a good lightning conditions.
My wife has designed the color composition for the interior design. Her target was to achieve a stylish composition of all materials, which reflects in the living- an bedroom. Cupboards, parquet flooring, folding doors and all other wooden equipment are made of light color, cosy maple wood. Kitchenette and bath can be closed by maple folding doors. A red Alcantara studio couch is the paint swab in the living room, inviting for relaxation.The walls in the livingroom are painted in a warm, sunny yellow color shade and the windows are framed by yellow curtains. Red bed-linen will guarantee a relaxing, good night sleep.

Your are welcome to try it!

Mini Beach House today

Meanwhile we have eqipped our house with a new thatch roof. Please click on the photo for details!